The Advocate-Rieger Newspaper Production Center


The Advocate Newspaper of Baton Rouge has constructed a new publishing facility. Mobile Enterprises, Inc. was selected by The Lemoine Company, the General Contractor, to install all the resinous floors in the new facility.

Flooring work consisted of :

• 9,802 Square Feet of color quartz floor with 8” cove base;

• 252 Square Feet of chemical resistant epoxy floor in the battery charging area;

• 34,949 Square Feet of epoxy flooring with a top coat.

The Press Room, shown here, was visible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week via a Web Cam installed in one corner of the 7,800 Square Feet room.

All parties were pleased with final results.

Project: Reiger Road Production Facility—The Advocate

Owner: The Advocate Baton Rouge, Louisiana

System: General Polymers

Area: 45,003 Square Feet

Completed: June 2006