The City of Galveston, Texas – Waste Water Treatment Plant

The City of Galveston wanted to stop both the outward leakage of water and the ingress of ground and rain water from the two concrete tanks at the 59th Street Pump Station. These two tanks hold fully treated water for distribution to the taps of Galveston residents.
Mobile Enterprises, Inc. crews:

1. Pumped out 2.68 million gallons of water before work could commence.
2. Cleaned 6,600 SF of interior wall surface.
3. Installed 748 LF of SIKA Combiflex.
4. Cleaned all the exterior walls 25,000 SF.
5. Installed 1,000 SF of SIKA Elastocolor.
6. Injected 500 LF with a hydrophilic urethane.
7. Sealed 6,100 LF of roof crack.

All work was completed on time and within budget constraints.

Project: 59th Street Pump Station Ground Storage Tanks 2 & 3 Rehabilitation

Owner: City of Galveston
Galveston, Texas

System: Urethane Injection
SIKA Combiflex
SIKA Elastocolor
SBS Mastic

Area: Two (2) 5.0 MG Tanks

Completed: July, 2001