The Inn at The Ball Park

Landry’s Restaurants, Inc. had purchased an existing building adjacent to the new Houston “Minute Maid” Ballpark and was going to add on to the structure to make a hotel/restaurant.

When the existing exterior cover was removed, severe spalling was noted on the concrete covering interior and exterior main structural columns.

Mobile’s crew saw cut the perimeter of each repair area and removed unsound concrete. Master Builder’s P-24 Corrosion Inhibitor / Boning Agent was applied after the exposed steel was cleaned and concrete surfaces prepared. Then the concrete member was restored to original dimensions / design strength with Master Builders S88CI.

The work ranged from ground level to 17 stories high on Owner’s schedule of access.

Project: The Inn at The Ball Park

Owner: Landry’s Restaurants, Inc.

System: Master Builders S88CI

Area: 17 Locations

Completed: February 2003