The Stoneleigh Hotel

A quirky favorite of Bob Hope, Judy Garland, Andy Warhol, Elvis Presley, and Oliver Stone, the Stoneleigh Hotel, built in 1923, returned to glamour in 2009 following a $36-million expansion and renovation. Mobile Enterprises, Inc. was selected by the Constructors & Associates to water proof the new basement Spa and Dining Patio. Waterproofing the new basement and Dining Patio structure involved a 120-mil application of Tremco’s 250GC fluid-applied liquid membrane and drainage board on the roof slab with Tremco’s Paraseal bentonite clay panels under the basement slab and on the exterior basement walls.

Project: The Stoneleigh Hotel
Dallas, Texas

General Contractor: Constructors & Associates

System: Waterproof the new Basement Spa and Dining Patio Expansion with Tremco waterproofing products

Completed: July 2008