Vought Cooling Tower Basin


Holleman Construction selected Mobile Enterprises, Inc. to repair the delaminated gunite wall cladding on a concrete divider wall in the Cooling Tower basin at the old Vought complex in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Leaking water through cracks in the concrete divider wall had caused the rebar in the gunite cladding to corrode, causing the cladding to delaminate. Mobile Enterprises removed the delaminated wall cladding and pneumatically-apply SikaRepair 224, a one-component, high strength cementitious repair mortar, at approximately 2”-thick. The repaired area was then coated with 2-coats of Sikagard 62, a high-build, protective epoxy waterproofing vapor-barrier system.

Following the repairs, the basin will be used to provide a ready supply of water for fire fighting.


Project: Vought Cooling Tower Basin

GC: Holleman Construction

System: SikaRepair 224 with Sikagard 62 Protective Coating

Area: 385 SF

Completed: June 2014